The Be A Voice Project

All summer I've been working on a body of recordings I'm calling the "Be A Voice Project." The short story is I have about 35 worship songs on my hard drives that we had tracked - with great musicians and friends - back in the day when I was producing jingles and owned The Orchard Recording Studio.

I never had time and money at the same time to finish the production. Well, because of COVID and life ... The time has finally come when I am resolved not to leave the planet until these songs are finished, mixed, mastered and published. 

So all summer I've been recording guitars, vocals and getting my friends to record overdubs like electric guitar, strings, BGV's and keys. 

The first "album" will be a 10 song collection called "The Wilderness." I've shared all the songs at some point in time on the livestreams and the feedback to the songs is really good. We've got a single ready to release called ... "The Wilderness." The release date is September 29.

I'll need to do a crowdfunding campaign to properly finish and launch the project. And that's today's update!