"Come Ye Thankful People Come" is a traditional hymn sung at Thanksgiving. This version is part of my "Hymns Re-Imagined" project. Hear more on my YouTube playlist.

The text was written in 1844 by Henry Alford, a Church of England rector in Buckinghamshire, England.

LYRICS: 1. Come, ye thankful people, come, Raise the song of harvest home! All is safely gathered in, Ere the winter storms begin; God, our Maker, doth provide For our wants to be supplied; Come to God's own temple, come; Raise the song of harvest home!

2. We ourselves are God's own field, Fruit unto his praise to yield; Wheat and tares together sown Unto joy or sorrow grown; First the blade and then the ear, Then the full corn shall appear; Grant, O harvest Lord, that we Wholesome grain and pure may be.

3. For the Lord our God shall come, And shall take the harvest home; From His field shall in that day All offences purge away, Giving angels charge at last In the fire the tares to cast; But the fruitful ears to store In the garner evermore.

4. Then, thou Church triumphant come, Raise the song of harvest home! All be safely gathered in, Free from sorrow, free from sin, There, forever purified, In God's garner to abide; Come, ten thousand angels, come, Raise the glorious harvest home!

Lyrics in Public Domain

This arrangement (c) 2020 Rob Still Music (ASCAP)

The Wilderness [Single] 

The Wilderness is a song that expresses the emotions of struggle through dark times. Like the psalmist David, I wrote this song when going through one of those seasons of feeling rejected and bewildered. I cried, as many have cried, “how long oh Lord will you hide your face?” Ultimately though, like the Psalms, this is a song of hope and resolve.

This is the first single from the album entitled "The Wilderness," [March 2021 release].  The concept is a group of songs to encourage and make sense of the wilderness seasons. This is the first fruits of "The Be A Voice Project." Check it out here.

How Yom Kippur Can Bless You and All Nations 

Yom Kippur is the holiest day in Judaism. It commemorates the biblical Day of Atonement described in Leviticus 16 and 23:26-32.

It is a day of fasting and prayer. On this day, the nation of Israel shuts down, all business, schools, and roads are closed. There is no travel, radio or TV broadcasts. A 25 hour fast begins at sundown on the eve of Yom Kippur (Sunday September 27) and continues until sundown September 28, 2020.  Observant Jews will spend the day in synagogue. 

On our devotional livestream for Monday September 28, I will discuss "How Yom Kippur Can Be A Blessing For You and All Nations." 

I've created an infographic with some of the key concepts. You can get yours here. 


  1.  Evening Prayers (Maariv) relate to Nefesh , "Spirit" pertains to physical, biological dimension of life. 
  2.  Morning prayer (Shacharit) corresponds to Ruach, "Breath", the  Emotional dimension, emoting PENITENCE. 
  3.  Additional Prayer (Musaf)  pertains to (Chayah)  "Life", the holy and Transcendental spiritual dimension. 
  4.  Afternoon prayer (Mincha) relates to Neshamah,  "Soul" the area of the mind or Intellectual life. 
  5.  Sundown Prayer (Neilah) corresponds to Yechida, the dimension of "Oneness", intimate union with Divine essence is "sealed."

The conclusion of Yom Kippur services is to declare the Shema:

Hear Oh Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One. 

You shall love the lord your God with all your heart, 

with all your soul, and with all your strength. 

Deuteronomy 6:4-5


Yom Kippur Guide

Live-Streaming August & September 

Throughout the months of August and September, join me on the back porch for an uplifting morning devotional. I share hymns re-imagined, a scripture thought, and original songs. Live-streaming at 8am Central on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday's.


Your new song moved my heart ❤️ to tears... and I wasn’t expecting it. So powerful! Thx Rob! Love the raw morning... so relaxing 😎 A.B., Tennessee 

"I am listening to Rob's morning devotionals and loving how it is inspiring my day." - S.N. New Jersey 

“So refreshing! I truly enjoy the time of worship with you and I think I it’s beneficial. I'm hosting a watch party so others in my list can join and be blessed.” C.B. Romania



The Be A Voice Project 

All summer I've been working on a body of recordings I'm calling the "Be A Voice Project." The short story is I have about 35 worship songs on my hard drives that we had tracked - with great musicians and friends - back in the day when I was producing jingles and owned The Orchard Recording Studio.

I never had time and money at the same time to finish the production. Well, because of COVID and life ... The time has finally come when I am resolved not to leave the planet until these songs are finished, mixed, mastered and published. 

So all summer I've been recording guitars, vocals and getting my friends to record overdubs like electric guitar, strings, BGV's and keys. 

The first "album" will be a 10 song collection called "The Wilderness." I've shared all the songs at some point in time on the livestreams and the feedback to the songs is really good. We've got a single ready to release called ... "The Wilderness." The release date is September 29.

I'll need to do a crowdfunding campaign to properly finish and launch the project. And that's today's update!